Madrasah Class Rules

Every student is expected to promote and demonstrate the true Islamic manners and behaviours in and outside Madrasah.

All students are required to

1             Read their Qur’aan and to listen to the lessons.

2             Raise their hands and wait to be recognized before talking.

3             Remain in their class and allow others to learn without disturbing them.

4             Respect all teachers, students and Mosque environment.

5             Follow directives and instructions from their teachers.

6             Ask for permission from concerned teacher(s) should any need arise.

7             Be completely quiet during Salaah times.

All students are not required to

1             Play with fellow students during lessons

2             Continue disrupting the class

3             Bring games consoles or any other kind of distractive devices

4             Play with their Mobile phones. All phones should be switched off or set to silence mode during Madrasah.

5             Eat anything during Madrasah (even chewing gums) food will be allowed during break times only.

6             Use abusive language directed to a teacher or a fellow student

7             React in any violent way either to a teacher or a fellow student

8             Bully other students

Hierarchy of Consequences

1                   Verbal Warning.

2                   Student will be required to stand for duration of 5-10 minutes.

3                   Cool off period in case of anger.

4                   Exclusion from the class for a period to be determined by the      teacher

5                   Student will be kept behind during break time.

6                   Student will be kept behind after Madrasah.

7                   Student may be asked to write about their behaviour and to pledge in writing that it will not be repeated in the future.

8                   Student will be sent home for the day.

9                   Parents will be summoned to Madrasah to discuss student’s behaviour and to have an idea of the situation.

10              Suspension for a certain period to be determined by the head teacher.

11              Dismissal if there is no change in the student’s behaviour after exhausting all of the above measures.

12     Every action taken by teacher or head teacher will be recorded in student’s behaviour record sheet for future references.