Assalamu Aleykum wa Rahamatu Llahi Wabarakatuh,

Welcome to Red Lane Masjid, We pray and hope you maximise your time, your stay and may Allah guide us all to the straight path.

Established in 2016? by local Communities, Red Lane Masjid  aims to be on the forefront and a beacon in the community in looking after their spiritual affairs. We would like to thank the community and volunteers in their unconditional support in running the mosque.


To be a beating heart for the Muslims in Coventry and a vibrant place to cater believer’s needs based upon true principles of the religion, cultivating unity based upon foundations of Justice, tolerance and morality.


The centre aims to be the spearhead in Looking after the affairs of its worshipers in providing many services.  This will not only bring community cohesion but also educate and inspire the young generation to be the leaders of their society.

Five daily prayers

Madrasa for the children

Islamic talks and lectures

Eid events

Guidance and counselling

And many more services.

To help achieving these demands, the mosque is going through a renovation phase to expand and renovate the centre to ensure safety and a pleasant stay of its worshipers. We apologies sincerely for any inconveniences that may rise. We ask for your patience, support and dua in completion of this process. Jazakumu Llahu Khairan.


Funeral services: The charity participates in various funeral activities within our community; when appropriate we contribute towards relieving the deceased’s bereaved relatives by helping to organise the burials and offer other assistance to help them at such difficult time.

Nikkah Ceremony: We conduct Nikkah for prospective couples in our community who wish to marry in accordance with Islamic law. The RedLane Masjid, will perform Nikah ceremony which take place in conjunction with Islamic law. We encourage that the parties to the marriage and/or members of the respective families meet with Redlane Masjid commetee member, prior to the day of the ceremony. The purpose of this meeting is for a general discussion, which may include the Islamic obligations pertinent to marriage and the couple’s personal circumstances. All such discussion will be carried out in confidentiality.

Please note: RedLane Masjid is not registered to solemnise marriages in accordance with English law. A Nikah which is performed by us is not considered a valid marriage under English law and as such provides no enforceable legal marital rights. For this reason, we encourage all our community members to ensure a civil marriage is conducted in a register office in accordance with English law and that this is carried out immediately before or after the Nikah ceremony to preserve the enforceable rights of both parties

Charitable Collections: Occasionally we organise community gatherings and visits other centres to appeal for funding contribution to help us run our activities and for building project. We use these gatherings as social occasions and to inform our community members of the progress we are making. We raise awareness of our situation and use the opportunity to raise funds when necessary.


Short Islamic lectures: We hold training courses on various Islamic courses for adults.

Islamic awareness lectures (“Mihadhara”): Occasionally we conduct a series of lectures, open to all, to promote Islamic knowledge and awareness. Open lectures are conducted during the month of Ramadan on weekends, during which community members who have an opportunity to ask questions from our Scholars (“Ulamah”).